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More than just a great cup of coffee!

Join us in creating an all-inclusive community for a brighter future

Coffee N Comics

About Us


To create spaces where 'nerd culture' is celebraded and encourage, where people can connect with each other through in-person and online events, and to develop content that supports these communities.


Raymond Martinez and Alex Farside came together to try and create a coffee shop that feels like home. They wanted to create a space that is linked to the local community and continues to give back to the great people that support the store everyday. One day it might be a Power Ranger signing autographs, the next day it could be a fundraiser to help a local organization. Ray and Alex wanted to create a space that is friendly, fun, and a safe space for everyone in the community!


  • Diversity - We believe that no business can be successful without dedication to its personnel and from its personnel.
  • Inclusion - We celebrate the unique background and experience each person brings to the team, and we believe that everyone should be given an equal chance to be successful.
  • Community - We believe in supporting our communities by creating spaces where people can build relationships and strengthen each other.
  • Innovation - We encourage a culture where people can stretch the limits of imagination to create unique solutions to problems.
  • Fun - We are a playful crew and believe that success is only worth it if you enjoy the process getting there. We also believe you can’t take yourself too seriously!